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2012-02-06 06:30:28 | Water
Brazilian wondergrom hucks massive air reverse on the Gold Coast
2012-02-06 06:00:00 |
montagsmotivation: manche mögen es kalt!
minus 15°c? minus 20°c? minus 25°c? egal wo oder wen man fragt, alles sagen, es sei einfach saukalt gewesen am wochenende! bei solchen temperaturen zu snowboarden, ist sogar für die pro's... more
2012-02-05 13:05:00 | Snow
Peetu Piiroinen Wins Billabong Air&Style 2012 – Plus Gallery
Torgeir Bergrem soared a picture perfect Method over Innsbruck's skies that stoked the hell out of us Onboard hacks. Fist of nuff respect. Despite a stellar showing from rookies and big name... more
2012-02-05 03:00:22 | Water
Vote to help choose this month's winner
2012-02-04 22:44:00 |
billabong air & style 2012: favoritenstürze, spinmaschinen und triple-versuche
das billabong air & style 2012 ist seit kurzem geschichte. und genau in diese geschichte eingeschrieben haben sich peetu piiroinen und seppe smits. aber erst mal der reihe nach. round 1... more
2012-02-04 17:31:00 |
billabong air & style 2012: das hauptfeld steht
das billabong air & style 2012 ist in vollem gange. die qualifikation ist mittlerweile vorbei und gewonnen wurde diese von unserem young-gun pat burgener! er stickte in seinem zweiten run... more
2012-02-04 12:26:00 | Snow
Win Limited Edition Onboard x Icon Snowboards
We’ve teamed up with Icon Snowboards and produced a limited edition run of Onboard x Icon decks. Even better, we’ll be giving away 2 per week till the end of the season. Get involved!... more
2012-02-04 06:00:00 |
nike chosen series im hoch-ybrig versinken im nebel
nach einigen hürden konnten die jungs vom doodah und die naturalbornchillaz crew letzten sonntag alle im ybrig willkommen heissen. schneefall und nebel veranlassten die organisatoren den event um... more
2012-02-04 03:30:14 | Water
Slater, Gudauskas, Lopez and more share what's on their bookshelves
2012-02-03 21:43:00 | Snow
Billabong Air&Style 2012 Training Gallery & Burn Rail Results
This is a crop of a shot of Eero Ettala in the gallery that our photo ed will probably kill us for chopping for our own purposes. Place your bets. All Photos: Sami Tuoriniemi. Training’s... more
2012-02-03 18:12:00 | Snow
Marko Grilc Wants to Send You To Whistler
Film a 1 minute clip, stoke Grilo out by including his favourite trick, upload it and you could be rewarded with a trip to Whistler. Oh yes… We received this communique from Grilo.... more
2012-02-03 17:53:00 | Snow
Next Saturday, 11 February, the French resort of Gourette (Pyrenees) will be hosting this one of a kind event, consisting of a Banked Slalom, a gear test center and an outdoor disco/DJ sesh to... more
2012-02-03 15:29:00 |
weekend preview: sibirischer winter?
die sibirische kälte hat nun auch die schweiz erreicht. schon am mittwochmorgen war es eisig kalt. im goms im wallis sackte die temperatur auf minus 26,2 grad, wie sf meteo meldete. tagsüber... more
2012-02-03 15:14:00 | Snow
Dylan Thompson – Full Part from Familia 2
Dylan Thompson “FAMILIA 2″ F.O.D.T. from FODT/COLE TAYLOR on Vimeo. FODT’s Familia 2 is one bang heavy bit of shred porn. Dylan Thompson has the 2 song ender, so that should... more
2012-02-03 14:49:00 | Snow
Watch Billabong Air & Style 2012 Live
As the communication here says, “It will be packed! It will be cold! It will be Air&Style!” The riders are training on the booter as we type and there’s a couple tickets... more
2012-02-03 13:40:00 | Snow
Pirate Movie Production Launch Pirate TV
[This is Hans Ahlund's Behind The Spot episode. There's a bunch of other goodness from the Pirates to discover on Pirate TV.] Our Pirate homies are diving full on into the deep end of the... more
2012-02-03 12:33:00 | Snow
Product Lowdown – Adidas ID2 Goggles
Check the 101 on these face-forming peeper protectors from Adidas eyewear. Marko Grilc’s model of choice, no less… Face fit is often overlooked in a goggle’s manic dash to bedazzle... more
2012-02-03 12:23:00 | Snow
Jess Kimura – Full Part from Defenders of Awesome
We’ve known Jess Kimura rips for a while now, but this full part of hers from CAPiTA’s team flick Defenders of Awesome is a whole other level of rad. Watch it now.   more
2012-02-03 11:35:00 | Snow
Dope II Full Movie
Alex Stathis, E-man Anderson, Layne Treeter, Davoucci Mane, Andrew Burns and many more are featured in this grungy yet commendable snowboard flick called Dope II. Watch it here or download your... more
2012-02-03 11:24:00 | Snow
Check the video, photos and chat of what went down at the latest stop of the Nike Chosen Series tour when it rolled into the Swiss resort of Hoch Ybrig… The fourth stop of the Nike Chosen... more